What is AquaDome ®

AquaDome® is a patented, floating fish farm, and the first of its kind that has been developed to a 2.generation, full scale farm to be used in normal production.

AquaDome® is the natural technology choice for aquaculture companies that are actively working to reduce the risk of escape, control sea lice and water quality.

AquaDome® is built of composite plastic, GRP, which is a very sturdy material. It has strong operational, technical and labor-saving solutions made possible by the patented shape.

AquaDome® is designed as a hemisphere. The size is 27.7 meters in diameter, 15 m deep with an internal volume of 5560 m3. Sufficient buoyancy is provided by the cavity in the combined float collar and walkway.

The design and choice of materials helps the AquaDome® withstand strong forces acting on it, in the form of currents, waves and icing. The hemisphere shape makes it possible to equip the device with a semicircular arm of rigid material, which simplifies operations associated with the cleaning of the inside wall, and fish handling.

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