AquaDome ® history

Project AquaDome® started in 2007 in cooperation with Innovation Norway and Skattefunn. In January 2011, it was launched an IFU-project with Ewos Innovation Dirdal Innovation Norway, Skattefunn, and other partners.

AquaDome® in production with High Comp in 2010. Last work before completion.

AquaDome launched in sea, Dirdal February 2011. A prototype of AquaDome® of 10m in diameter and 5 m deep was put into production and benchmarked against a nearby referencefarm. The IFU project in Dirdal was completed in April 2012 and the report " Test of the closed cage system Aqua Dome ® for big scale fish farming of Atlantic Salmon," Ewos Innovation, recaptured the results of the test.

Autumn 2013, the company MSC AS was founded, by solid industrial investors looking to participate in the development of Aqua Dome ®. It was signed an agreement between MSC and Cermaq AS Norway AS for cooperation in development and implementation of a full-scale IFU Project. The job of engineering to a full-scale Aqua Dome ® and model tests in tank started in October 2013, in cooperation with Cermaq, Innovation Norway and Skattefunn.

AquaDome® in operation, season 2011/2012, showcase of Aqua Dome to different industries.

New Design of the AquaDome in 2013.

First full-scale Aqua Dome is delivered summer 2014 in Norway.